The best moments of kids playing in the countryside of Poland captured by Izabela Urbaniak


Izabela Urbaniak, a Polish photographer and mother of two, captured the best moments of kids playing in the idyllic countryside of Poland.  Since 2012, Izabela has been capturing the beautiful photos of children spending summer holidays in the tiny village of Lugowiska.  The series she called “Summertime” depicts children with no access to technology but wonderful scenery and invigorating nature. The kids simply enjoy the summer time — happy, innocent and carefree, oblivious to the world. This is what we call Pure Joy!


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The series is inspired by my own childhood, when I used to visit my grandmother in the summer and spend my school vacations in the countryside. These days, I just love watching kids play in the countryside – my younger son Antek loves to play with his cousins Jas, Maja and Julia. There’s also my lovely Jack Russel terrier Tosia, as well as a cat and some puppies that belong to our neighbors.

~  Izabela Urbaniak


All images courtesy of Izabela Urbaniak, and published with permission.

To see more of her work, please visit her:  Website  |  Facebook

 (h/t: BoredPanda)

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