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‘The Weird Girls Project’ by Kitty Von-Sometime — an art film series for women, empowering them to love who they are

Artist Kitty Von-Sometime has created an ongoing art film series “The Weird Girls Project.” The series is dedicated to all women, empowering them to embrace and love who they are, in defiance to the media’s marketing concept on how the woman’s figure should look like. The latest film titled #EmbraceYourself, featured below, depicts nude women clad with gold body glitters dancing to the tune of ‘Dim the Lights’ by CREEP featuring Sia. The women seem to celebrate their freedom as they dance with their naked sparkling bodies with love and confidence. Their graceful movements are so perfectly synchronized with the music, rendering an emotionally intense and mesmerizing performance. Three words: Beautiful… Beautiful… Beautiful!




kitty-von-sometime-Birta_Ran-weird girls project-584wes


The Weird Girls Project

The Weird Girls Project is an ongoing art film series created and produced by concept artist Kitty Von-Sometime which is created to empower the women who take part.

Fed up of the media marketing of what a woman’s figure should look like and the effect it had on women imposing boundaries to themselves, Kitty started making these pieces, using the ‘music video’ format to put exposure on the variety of shapes and sizes that make us who we are.

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All images and video courtesy of Kitty Von-Sometime (artist) and Birta Ran (photographer).

(Published with permission)

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Kitty-Von-Sometime-Birta_Ran-weird girls project-695sdr


kitty-von-sometime-Birta_Ran-weird girls project-587lik


Kitty-Von-Sometime-Birta_Ran-weird girls project-412rdt


kitty-von-sometime-Birta_Ran-weird girls project-521rtf


Kitty-Von-Sometime-Birta_Ran-weird girls project-471exf


kitty-von-sometime-Birta_Ran-weird girls project-362wxf


Kitty-Von-Sometime-Birta_Ran-weird girls project-487kij


kitty-von-sometime-Birta_Ran-weird girls project-45yh4


Kitty-Von-Sometime-Birta_Ran-weird girls project-759oij



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