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Robotic Sculptures by +Brauer — they look like harmless, cute and adorable aliens

Bruno Lefevre-Brauer aka +Brauer, a graphic designer based-in Paris, could transform your discarded industrial parts into robotic sculptures, complete with heads, eyes, arms, legs, etc. His sculptural artwork is part of  “Recycl’Art” (or “upcycling”) movement, where art is created from recycled materials. Please take a look some of his artworks below. They are beautifully designed and finely crafted, resembling some sort of robotic aliens. But nothing to worry, most of them look like harmless, cute and lovable.

I like the first robot. It’s a bit rusty, tough and rugged yet charming and adorable. Did you say… cousin of R2-D2?  Yeah… sort of!   :)



+Brauer Robots_9_wast-e-bd


Artist Bio:

+Brauer is a graphic designer who lives and works in Paris. Over the past 20 years he has designed numerous album covers for French and international artists and pursued his personal artistic expression through painting, photography and sculpture.? He regularly exhibits in Paris and in several cities around the world (Amsterdam, Geneva, Taipei, Dubai…), and presents here a few pieces from his series “Viva la roboluciòn!”

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All images courtesy of +Brauer, and are published with permission.

For more info, please visit his:  Website  |  Facebook  



+Brauer Robots_9_achille-bd


+Brauer Robots_123


+Brauer Robots_679


+Brauer Robots_589


+Brauer Robots_458


+Brauer Robots_369


+Brauer Robots_236





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