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Sublime Affliction: A Cubist Painting Series by Connor Addison — depicting love, pain, fear, and more.

Connor Addison, a Barcelona-based artist and photographer, has created a cubist painting series titled “Sublime Affliction.” Each painting portrays an elegant coalescence of geometric patterns, cubism, and shading techniques — which exude deep mental and emotional narratives. This unique artwork has been borne out of the artist’s background in Philosophy and Aesthetics. Understanding the philosophy of Sublime, he says “Sublimity comes from somewhere beyond, or deeper than immediate sensation – it cannot be literally seen.”

As you view the paintings below, you would sense a connection reaching out to your innermost being — conveying love, pain, desire, fear, and other raw emotions. So please scroll down and enjoy your subliminal ride!

After studying painting at Central St Martins I went on to study Politics Philosophy and Economics at the University of Manchester. Both my academic and artistic practice has come to motivate my creative investigation into the sublime, aesthetics, emotion and pattern. I have exhibitied work in places like Leighton House in London and Salon d’Automne in Paris.

~ Connor Addison
Painter and photographer based in Barcelona, Spain and London, UK
Co-founder of Last Universal Creative Ancestor

All images courtesy of © Connor Addison, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit: Website | Ello | Instagram

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