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Vicente Romero Paints Beautiful Women in Pastel — stunningly graceful and natural

Vicente Romero, a Spanish artist, has mastered the pastel painting. He finds its application as direct and spontaneous, capturing the precious moments of his subjects. As you can see in the selected paintings below, his rendering of mostly gorgeous women in the midst of beautiful scenes is quite stunning and naturally graceful. Each piece is incredibly rich, bursting with colors, beauty and details. Simply put… Amazing!

Please scroll down and enjoy!


Vicente Romero-Pastel Paintings-1382


Artist Bio:

Spanish painter born in Madrid in 1956. The Faculty of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid saw Vicente Romero obtain his degree in sculpture in 1982. He owes his technique in oil painting to his academic training, although he has increasingly explored pastel, which he finds more direct, more spontaneous, and as he quotes provides the opportunity for “unrivaled delicacy”.

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All images courtesy of Vicente Romero, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his:  Website   |   Facebook


Vicente Romero-Pastel Paintings-1725

Vicente Romero-Pastel Paintings-1331

Vicente Romero-Pastel Paintings-1957

Vicente Romero-Pastel Paintings-1966

Vicente Romero-Pastel Paintings-1925

Vicente Romero-Pastel Paintings-1254

Vicente Romero-Pastel Paintings-1111

Vicente Romero-Pastel Paintings-5889

Vicente Romero-Pastel Paintings-5258



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