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Chris Leib: Bonobo and Fable Painting Series — beautifully rendered with impeccable details

American artist Chris Leib invites you to explore the beautiful fusion of reality and fiction in his painting series featured below. Please scroll down and take a look on the bonobo chimps. They have been rendered in hyperrealism with impeccable details and colors and juxtaposed with fictitious, surreal baby astronauts. As you go down further, a series of pure, whimsical fable will entertain your creative and intellectual imagination. Enjoy!

Artist Bio:

Chris Leib is an American fine-artist and graduate of anthropology, renowned for his iconography of Bonobo chimps and astronauts and cosmonauts, often juxtaposed, with exquisite technique and scrupulous attention to detail. Transcending whimsy, his paintings are laden with meaning and intellectual contemplation…. Read More.

All images courtesy of © Chris Leib, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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