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A Unique Series of Self-Portrait Paintings by Eloy Morales — amazingly rendered in hyper-realistic fashion

At first glance, the images below look like a series of photographic portraits haphazardly lathered with paints. But, nope! These are actually oil paintings on canvas by Spanish artist Eloy Morales. This unique series of self-portraits is an incredible work of art — perfectly rendered in hyper-realistic fashion. Take a look into the eyes. They’re so real that you might get a chance to see the soul of the artist himself. Yep, Amazingly Stunning!

Please scroll down and enjoy!


Eloy Morales Paintings_434aa



All images courtesy of Eloy Morales, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his:  Website  |  Facebook  |   Instagram



Eloy Morales Paintings_483

Eloy Morales Paintings_234

Eloy Morales Paintings_259

Eloy Morales Paintings_658

Eloy Morales Paintings_434bb



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