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Renato Muccillo’s Paintings feature the beauty of nature in great details and vibrant colors

Canadian artist Renato Muccillo paints mesmerizing landscapes imbued with the beauty of nature, tranquility, and vibrant colors. A series of selected paintings below features a natural scenery of coalescing lust vegetation, forest, river, and a vast greenery of land against the backdrop of towering sky. Take a good look on the second image. It is simply gorgeous.

Please scroll down and enjoy this incredible work of art — a pure joy to behold.



“During the past few years, I have been particularly drawn to rural and urban landscapes, to try to capture the essence of beauty of what remains of the farmlands and rivers. In contrast, the particular vulgarity of heavy industry has also captured my attention. I have been intrigued by the simultaneous offensiveness of the plumes bursting out of smoke stacks with the intense beauty of sunlit smoke.”   ~ Renato Muccillo / Magazin Art 

All images courtesy of Renato Muccillo, and are published with permission.

For more info, please visit his:  Website | Instagram  | Facebook



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