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The Paintings of Michal Mráz — a beautiful fusion of nature, urban lifestyle, graffiti and pop culture

The paintings of Slovak artist Michal Mráz depict chaotic scenes with rich, multiple narratives — all beautifully rendered in stencil and traditional oil and acrylic painting. Each of the selected pieces below shows an impressive fine art composition in the midst of cluttered and disorganized surroundings. This seems to suggest an artwork exploring the concept of destruction and reconstruction. Or perhaps, an abstract painting conceived by imaginative mind, inspired by “nature, urban lifestyle, graffiti, and pop culture.”

Please scroll down and explore this unique and creative work of art.





About the  Artist:

Michal Mráz (1987) is a self-taught painter. Despite studing at the department of sculpture (studio of Prof. Meliš and Doc. Hoffstadter) at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, painting has become the main medium of his artistic expression. His earlier work focused on a microcosm of urban spaces, derelict urban areas, dark hooded figures of protagonists of a street art community who, hiding their identity just like dark knights, wander through cities leaving their personal messages in the form of tags or graffiti.

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All images courtesy of Michal Mráz, and published with permission.

For more info, please visit his:  Facebook  |  Saatchi Art












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