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Victor Pierre LeBlanc’s Paintings of Advanced Human Evolution — amazingly beautiful, surreal, unique and hyperrealistic

American artist Victor Pierre LeBlanc, originally from San Francisco, California, and is currently based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has envisioned the future of civilization where seemingly the apex of technology has dawned on humankind. His incredibly surreal paintings featured below depict the advanced aspects of human evolution. Take a good look at the first 2 images titled Mother Machine and Neuron. The artist has taken this science fiction concept either from the matrix movie or simply from his subconscious mind, the repository of thousands or millions of memories. Or perhaps, he had a glimpse of what some people call Akashic record, the ultimate advanced cloud storage, if you will. :) Whatever it is, I’ll leave it to you to ponder. All I can say LeBlanc’s artwork has captured not only the surreal narratives of technologically advanced human beings, but the amazing beauty, uniqueness and hyperrealism — worthy of being a high-caliber artwork. The craftsmanship is impeccable and irresistibly mesmerizing. 

Please enjoy!

Mother Machine

Artist Statement:

My work explores the modern human condition. The exponential rate of change in modern society over the last century has shown us just how fluid and malleable our very identity as human beings can be. And, as we seem to be in the midst of an even greater global paradigm shift, it’s becoming harder to fully understand our purpose, our future, and our connection to the world around us. More…

All images courtesy of © Victor Pierre LeBlanc, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Adam and the Machine
Post Human
The Electric Playground
Toy Land
Digital Bath
Ascent to the Machine Gods

I Am Simply Flowing with the River of Life.
I Take What Comes and Let Go What Goes.

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