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Jamie Salmon’s Realistic Human Sculptures — crafted in meticulous and impeccable details

Jamie Salmon, a self taught sculptor based-in Canada, creates hyper-realistic human sculptures. He uses silicone, pigment, fiberglass, acrylic, fabric and hair in lengthy sculptural process to create these amazing artworks, elegantly rendered in the most meticulous and impeccable details. The selected pieces below will definitely take your breath away. Take a look on the first portrait sculpture. It’s insane!

“I want to make something that tells a story or moves people in some sort of way, not something that just looks very real. Of course, I need my works to have a certain degree of reality about them, but it`s more of a heightened reality.” ~ Jamie Salmon

Enjoy this extraordinary work of art!


Jamie Salmon Sculpture - 1458



Artist Bio:

Jamie Salmon is a British born, self taught contemporary sculptor, living and working in Vancouver, Canada. He started his career working as a commercial artist and sculptor for the movie effects industry. He specialises in hyper-realist sculpture, both figurative and portrait, utilising such materials as silicone rubber, resin, hair and fabric.

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All images courtesy of Jamie Salmon, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please check out his:  Website   |  Facebook 


Jamie Salmon Sculpture - 1469


Jamie Salmon Sculpture - 2458


Jamie Salmon Sculpture - 2425


Jamie Salmon Sculpture - 3695


Jamie Salmon Sculpture - 3688


Jamie Salmon Sculpture - 6549


Jamie Salmon Sculpture - 6563


Jamie Salmon Sculpture - 5416


Jamie Salmon Sculpture - 4589




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