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The Dreamworld Photography of Lotta van Droom — surreal, mysterious, and disturbingly sensual & beautiful

Irish photographer Lotta van Droom dwells in her Dreamworld, where her imaginative and creative mind explores the darkness of the human psyche. The selected pieces featured below capture the dark, surreal scenes cloaked with mystery, melancholy, and sensual beauty. Each one is artistically composed to evoke the lurking darkness within you. And if you slowly scroll down and immerse yourself with these disturbing yet beautiful images — I can assure you, you will descend into your own dark, mysterious dreamworld.

You are warned.  Enjoy!   :)


Lotta van Droom Photography_anderwelt


Each of my photos derived from a story that developed in my mind and this story continues after the photo was taken. They are little excerpts of my thoughts which I try to reflect in this way. It’s not important for me to show reality. I want to show my world of fantasy and wishes. My moods, feelings, dreams and aspirations are components in all my photos. You could call me a daydreamer. I often digress with my thoughts towards far and surreal places where I am the Queen and this world develops itself further with every thought of mine.

~ Lotta van Droom


All images courtesy of Lotta van Droom, and are published with permission.

To more of her work, please visit her:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram


Lotta van Droom Photography_up-the-hill

Lotta van Droom Photography_sector-absorption

Lotta van Droom Photography_one-thing

Lotta van Droom Photography_eye-catcher

Lotta van Droom Photography_demons-II

Lotta van Droom Photography_gone-to-the-stars

Lotta van Droom Photography_Mitternachtstheater

Lotta van Droom Photography_breathtaker

Lotta van Droom Photography_in-between

Lotta van Droom Photography_foreside

Lotta van Droom Photography_darkest-hour



I Am Simply Flowing with the River of Life.
I Take What Comes and Let Go What Goes.

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