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COOPH: 9 Photo Composition Tips, featuring Steve McCurry and his incredible photography

Cooperative of Photography (COOPH), a photo online magazine, has just released a video titled 9 Photo Composition Tips based on the work of famous photojournalist Steve McCurry. Using his stunning photographs, COOPH demonstrates the photographic compositions in the video. If you are a photographer or an inspiring one, you will surely benefit from these tips.

Enjoy this awesome video and its invaluable photography lessons.

(also see screenshots below)



“Remember, the composition is important, but also rules are meant to be broken. So the main point is to enjoy yourself while you’re photographing and photograph in your own way and your own style.”

~ Steve McCurry


Here are the 9 Photo Composition Tips with screenshots.

All images/video courtesy of  Steve McCurry and COOPH Magazine.  

(via: eMail sent by COOPH)


 1.  Rule of Thirds



2.  Leading LinesSteve-McCurry-Photography-COOPH-9-Tips-2-Leading-Lines


3.  Diagonals



 4.  Framing



 5.  Figure to Ground



6.  Fill the Frame



 7.  Center Dominant Eye



 8.  Patterns and Repetition



 9.  Symmetry




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