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Sand Sculptures by Carl Jara. Absolutely Stunning! Wow!!!


Carl Jara is an Artist from Cleveland, Ohio. He is a renowned Sand Sculptor, and has received numerous awards both local and international. He garnered a staggering 13 World Championship medals, plus dozens of medals from various competitions. Simply put, he is a world class sand sculptor  — a phenom Artist!

Here are some of his amazing sand sculptures:


Enchanted Forest

Carl Jara - Enchanted Forest




Carl Jara - infinity



What Lies Beneath

Carl Jara - What Lies Beneath




Carl Jara - valkyrie 2




Carl Jara - Tiger




Carl Jara - powerless- daytime



Beer Wagon

Carl Jara - Oktoberfest sand sculpture 2




Carl Jara - oktoberfest final



NH Morning Bath

 Carl Jara - NH morning bath



Dazwischen by Carl Jara  & Helena-Bangert

Carl Jara - Helena Bangert - Daswischen




Carl Jara - goddess -from afar



 Galapagos / Marine Iguana

Carl Jara - Galapagos Sands




Carl Jara - DayDream




Carl Jara - consume



Calavera del Toro

Carl Jara - Calavera del Toro




Carl Jara - Beowulf



Hermit Crab

Carl Jara - Sand Sculpture



Carl Jara


As a kid, Carl attended high school with one single goal in mind — ART — but somehow he struggled to capture its elusive magic. In his biography he writes:

“I went to high school with the sole focus of making art, taking and retaking every art course in the school curriculum. In an act of desperation my teacher sent me to work with the stage crew lead by Tom Morrison; firefighter and President For Life of the International Association of Sand Castle Builders. He took me under his wing, teaching me the basics of both sand sculpting and business.”


Then, the rest is history!


Images courtesy of Carl Jara, and are published with permission. To see more of his work, please visit his Flickr Photostream.




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