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Shae DeTar’s photographs beautifully enhanced by painting — creating a mystical, surreal world

New York-based artist Shae DeTar combines photography and painting to create her beautiful, mystical and surreal world. She applies layers of paint onto a natural photographic scene, creating an ethereal dreamscape bursting with colors, textures and charm. Her gorgeous, melancholy subjects, basking in the bizarre beauty of nature, add the emotional and dramatic narratives to the scenes. Indeed… stunning and very imaginative composition!

Enjoy this fascinating artwork!


Shae DeTar-Photography-Painting-RED-AND-BLUE-CAILIN


Artist Statement:

Shae DeTar creates otherworldly photographic prints, combining photography and painting to take her subjects out of reality and place them within her ethereal world. DeTar shoots analog and digital photographs and then adds layers of paint to exaggerate color, create texture, and add an element of fantasy to the image.

DeTar, who grew up between Pennsylvania and New York City, is meticulous about creating her world. Her travels as a model in her late teens and early twenties lend to her inspiration for supernatural locations and exquisite costumes. She moved on to work in fashion behind the scenes and has since worked behind the camera for Aritizia, Cosabella, Free People, Alice and Olivia and Ballet Beautiful. DeTar lives and works in New York.


All images courtesy of Shae DeTar, and are published with permission.

To see more of her work, please visit her:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram


Shae DeTar-Photography-Painting-236jvf


Shae DeTar-Photography-Painting-195kds




Shae DeTar-Photography-Painting-pink-mountain


Shae DeTar-Photography-Painting-844kuh






Shae DeTar-Photography-Painting-563drk


Shae DeTar-Photography-Painting-port-yelow


Shae DeTar-Photography-Painting-154koi


Shae DeTar-Photography-Painting-hairblog




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