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The Dance Photography of Mickael Jou — Poetic, Esthetic and Graceful

French-American artist Mickael Jou, currently based-in Berlin, is a trained dancer who loves to dance in the beautiful streets of Paris and in the natural scenes, where the beauty of nature coalesces with his gorgeous, sensual and artistic dance movements. He stated in the email that people described his self-portraits as “poetic, esthetic and graceful.” If I may add, I would say that he captured the art of the mystics — levitating in graceful beauty and elegance.

Enjoy these amazing dance portraits!


Mickael-Jou-Phortography-Dance-Portraits 47496


In an email, he writes:

A trained dancer, I used to dance ballet and modern dance in the streets of Paris. People used to photograph and film me a lot dancing in Paris, and after seeing the pictures that tourists and other photographers took of me (getting those pictures was actually not easy since people enjoyed taking pictures of me and then moving on), I figured that I could actually do better, and do more with my dance.

I’ve spent the last three years working on my 365 photo project. I’ve almost finished half of it and will probably need another 3 years to finish the other half. Oh yeah, and I’m French-American and living in Berlin.


All images courtesy of Mickael Jou, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Flickr 


Mickael-Jou-Phortography-Dance-Portraits 42569


Mickael-Jou-Phortography-Dance-Portraits 47493


Mickael-Jou-Phortography-Dance-Portraits 44968


Mickael-Jou-Phortography-Dance-Portraits 7469


Mickael-Jou-Phortography-Dance-Portraits 47459


Mickael-Jou-Phortography-Dance-Portraits 477494


Mickael-Jou-Phortography-Dance-Portraits 474696


Mickael-Jou-Phortography-Dance-Portraits 474691


Mickael-Jou-Phortography-Dance-Portraits 48623


Mickael-Jou-Phortography-Dance-Portraits 41956


Mickael-Jou-Phortography-Dance-Portraits 47369


Mickael-Jou-Phortography-Dance-Portraits X44935



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