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Did you know that a handful of seawater is teeming with sea creatures?


Believe me, it is!

And if you had a gulp of seawater the last time you went to the beach — most likely, you swallowed a micro-world of sea creatures, or I should say, seafood delight. 🙂

Yep, like this one:

Image of a magnified handful of seawater by David Liittschwager:

david liittschwager - magnified drop of seawater


David Liittschwager, a National Geographic photographer, took “one dip of a hand net” of seawater and magnified it for our naked eyes to see its super tiny contents. The resulting image was quite astonishing. It showed a teeming life of sea creatures  — bacteria, arrow worms, diatoms, fish eggs, crab larva, copepods, etc.

So the next time you go to the beach, and you’re hungry, you know what you gonna do. 🙂


Let’s magnify it a little more:

david-liittschwager-magnified-drop-of-seawater - 1


“Marine Microfauna was part of the contents of one dip of a hand net. The magnification was 2x life size, meaning that the actual frame size was a half-inch high, so depending on how big the image is on your screen you can calculate the magnification as you see it.” ~ David Liittschwager


david-liittschwager-magnified-drop-of-seawater - 2

Reference:  National Geographic  /  PetaPixel


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