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‘Edgar Allan Poe Returns to Boston’ by Stefanie Rocknak

Finally, after his death 165 years ago, Edgar Allan Poe, the American literary genius, has returned to his hometown of Boston. Taking off the train, he walks on the brick-laden pavement with his briefcase bursting out with literary wonders, while a raven zooms around him. His presence is imposing and iconic. Very Remarkable!

The sculpture titled “Poe Returning to Boston” was designed by Stefanie Rocknak, a professor of Philosophy and artist from New York. Her 19″ Basswood model was chosen by The Edgar Allan Poe Foundation among 265 proposals from artists in 13 countries. It was then enlarged to a 5-foot-8-inch life-sized bronze sculpture, and was unveiled on October 5, 2014 at Edgar Allan Poe Square in Boston.


Stefanie Rocknak - Edgar Allan Poe - Boston - 85362


“Poe Returning to Boston” reflects Poe’s conflicted relationship with the city. Just off the train, the figure will be walking south toward his likely place of birth. This is a triumphant Poe, returning confidently after 165 years of literary success. Unlike the work of the “Frogpondians,” including Longfellow and Emerson, that Poe mocked, this sculpture is neither pretentious nor didactic. The imagery is obvious and immediate. The raven represents his global fame and endurance, the trunk full of papers symbolizes the scope and power of his work, and the trailing pages are engraved with texts published in or written about Boston.”  ~ Stefanie Rocknak


All images courtesy of Stefanie Rocknak, and are published with permission.

To see more of her work, please visit her:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter

via: MyModernMet


Stefanie Rocknak - Edgar Allan Poe - Boston - 15632


Stefanie Rocknak - Edgar Allan Poe - Boston - 98632


Stefanie Rocknak - Edgar Allan Poe - Boston - 362395


Stefanie Rocknak - Edgar Allan Poe - Boston - 25936


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