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Emil Alzamora’s Extraordinary Bronze Human Sculptures

Emil Alzamora, a Peruvian-born artist and currently based-in New York, has been sculpting bronze and ceramic human figures in various graceful poses. To attain his desired pose in a way it narrates a story with emotional impact, he “distorts, elongates, deconstructs or encases” his sculpture. There is this figure standing in a certain degree of inclination or, to be exact, lying down in the air, defying the natural pull of gravity. Other figures depict some sort of unusual yoga postures. However, the one that fascinates me most is the family of three enjoying the gorgeous scenery. It conveys a story of love, joy and peace. Amazing!


Emil Alzamora-Sculpture_Albedo


Artist’s statement (in part):

“Emil Alzamora was born in Lima, Peru in 1975. His family moved to Boca Grande, Florida when he was two. He later attended Florida State University where he graduated Magna cum Laude in 1998 earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. Alzamora harnesses a wide range of materials and techniques to deliver unexpected interpretations of the sculpted human figure. He often distorts, elongates, deconstructs, or encases his forms to reveal an emotional or physical situation, or to tell a story. Alzamora’s keen interest in the physical properties of his materials combined with his hands-on approach allow for the process to reveal and inform at once the aesthetic and the conceptual.”


All images courtesy of Emil Alzamora, and are published with permission.

To see more of his amazing work, please visit his:  Website |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Emil Alzamora-Sculpture_Abrazo


Emil Alzamora-Sculpture_TidesInstall1


Emil Alzamora-Sculpture_Tides009300


Emil Alzamora-Sculpture_HectorsReturn


Emil Alzamora-Sculpture_Oscillator2


Emil Alzamora-Sculpture 698563


Emil Alzamora-Sculpture_Hone with foundry BG


Emil Alzamora-Sculpture_Masochist 01 300


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