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Elegant Portraits Adorned with Surgical Blades by Miss Bugs

Miss Bugs, a team of two artists collaborating together since 2007, has created a series of portraits adorned with unlikely objects — hundreds of surgical blades — meticulously cast in resin on wood and aluminum. Although the presence of blades provides a strong demeanor, nevertheless, the delicate, graceful portrait of feminine beauty still prevails.

Enjoy these bizarre, yet amazingly beautiful portraits.

Miss-Bugs-Dreamgaze_Surgical blades 45269


On their Facebook page, Miss Bugs states:

Miss Bugs is an artist collaboration founded in the early part of 2007; consisting of two people – boy and girl – Miss & Bugs

Preferring to keep a low profile, not much is known about Miss Bugs. The only info featured on Miss Bugs’ website is a Pablo Picasso quote:

“If there is something to steal, I steal it!”

Miss Bugs’ work takes iconic imagery from pop culture and art history and reforms it using collage and other mixed media methods. Often their work sees the appropriating of Hirst’s spin painting, Koons’ sculptures, Mondriaan’s grids along with referencing hundreds of other contemporary artists and street art; all recomposed in their collages and silk screens to make their own newly reconstructed iconic pieces.


All images courtesy of Miss Bugs, and are published with permission.

To see more of their work, please visit the artists’:  Website  |  Facebook   |  Flickr

Miss-Bugs-Dreamgaze_Surgical blades 45269-A123


Miss-Bugs-Dreamscape Guide _Surgical blades 85426


Miss-Bugs-Dreamscape Guide _Surgical blades 85426-A123


Miss-Bugs-Skin Deep_Surgical blades 85693


Miss-Bugs-Skin Deep_Surgical blades 85693-B456


Miss-Bugs-Portraits_Surgical blades 6953


Miss-Bugs-Portraits_Surgical blades 6953-A123


Miss-Bugs-Kate Dreaming_Surgical blades 96536


Miss-Bugs-Kate Dreaming_Surgical blades 96536-A123


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