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Exobiotanica: Botanical Space Flight by Azuma Makoto. Launching a 50-year old pine and flowers into the space.


Azuma Makoto, a Tokyo-based Japanese artist, has conceived an unthinkable project titled Exobiotanica. The project entails launching a 50-year old Japanese white pine and a bouquet of flowers into the stratosphere with helium balloon.  And he did it!


Makoto Azuma - Botanical Space Flight  - white pine bonsai

Makoto Azuma - Exobiotanica Botanical Space Flight - 9552412


The artist and his team, in collaboration with  JP Aerospace, traveled to Black Rock Desert in Nevada to do the installation.  Using a large helium balloon, they launched Azuma’s artwork: a white pine bonsai tree secured in a metal frame and a bouquet of beautifully arranged flowers. The result was quite amazing.

The series of stunning photographs were seemed surreal that could only exist in a dream.  But nope, the images were real.  So was Azuma’s dream.  He finally accomplished what most of the artists could only dream of to create — artwork in space.   What a remarkable feat!

He said, “Flowers aren’t just beautiful to show on tables.”

I couldn’t agree more!


All images courtesy of Azuma Makoto, and published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his Website  |  Facebook  

via:  T Magazine


Makoto Azuma - Botanical Space Flight  - white pine bonsai   2135214


“The best thing about this project is that space is so foreign to most of us.  So seeing a familiar object like a bouquet of flowers flying above Earth domesticates space, and the idea of traveling into it.”  John Powell of JP Aerospace


Makoto Azuma - Botanical Space Flight  - bouquet flowers  02516542


The Team  and the Preparation

 Makoto Azuma - Botanical Space Flight

Makoto Azuma - Botanical Space Flight  - 9874566


Makoto Azuma - Botanical Space Flight  1254695



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