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Hand-Cut Rice Paper Artwork by Bovey Lee — with Mesmerizing Details!

Bovey Lee, a Hong Kong born artist and currently based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has been playing around with thinly delicate rice papers since 2005 — painstakingly hand-cutting them into amazingly complex artistic scenery.  The fine details of the scenes from simple grassland to intricate patterns of blooming flowers, crisscrossing roads, buildings, people, animals, objects, among others — are simply Mesmerizing!  Her artwork is truly remarkable!


Outgrow – Grass

Bovey-Lee_Paper Hand Cut _ Outgrown Grass-Buildings

Bovey-Lee_Paper Hand Cut _ Outgrown Grass-Buildings x254685


Lee’s artwork has been exhibited in numerous museums such as Nevada Museum of Art; Wing Luke Museum, Seattle, Washington; Brooklyn Museum of Art; Shelburne Museum, Vermont; Museum Bellerive, Zurich, Switzerland, and more.

Some of her commissions and editorials include The Washington Post; Panasonic; The New York Times Magazine; Art@Government Buildings, Hong Kong; among others.


To see more of her work, please visit her Website  |  Facebook Page  and  Gavlak Gallery

All Images courtesy of Bovey Lee, and published with permission.


Outgrow–Wild Flowers

Bovey-Lee_Paper Hand Cut _ Outgrown Wild Flowers

Bovey-Lee_Paper Hand Cut _ Outgrown Wild Flowers x58445895


Outgrow–Rice Grains

Bovey-Lee_Paper Hand Cut _ Outgrow–Rice Grains

1-Bovey Lee - Cut Paper - Outgrow–Rice Grains


More hand-cut paper artwork by Bovey Lee

1-Bovey Lee - Cut Paper -Tsunami-Oblivious


1-Bovey Lee - Cut Paper - vase - details


1-Bovey Lee - Cut Paper - Trimming Feathers 154658


1-Bovey Lee - Cut Paper - Tower


1-Bovey Lee - Cut Paper - Shoe


1-Bovey Lee - Cut Paper - Sewing Highways


1-Bovey Lee - Cut Paper - Power Plant-The Sacrifice of Dawn


1-Bovey Lee - Cut Paper - Bamboo Ballet


1-Bovey Lee - Cut Paper - Atomic Jellyfish


1-Bovey Lee - Cut Paper - Vases



bovey lee

Bovey Lee is a cut paper artist who was born in Hong Kong and now based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  She learned Chinese calligraphy at the age of ten, and since then she has studied painting and drawing. She created her first “cut paper”artwork in the summer of 2005.  Please read more here.



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