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Flora and Fauna: an artwork collaboration of Mark Harless, Moon and Molly Strohl

Mark Harless, an American photographer known online as Bleeblu, collaborated with French illustrator Moon and model/photographer Molly Strohl to create a stunning artwork titled La Faune et La Flore (Fauna and Flora). First, Mark and Molly spent a photography session in the natural setting of strange and dark wilderness. Then the captured images were sent to Moon to enhance their artistic beauty, tweaking with mystical tattoos and piercing flowers. And the result:  A beautiful, haunting and wildly surreal photography!



Mark Harless-Photography-molly-strohl-bleeblu


Artist Statement:

I was the boy who used to stare outside the window in class; dreaming up magical places that only existed in my fantasies. I was born with a beautiful imagination but without an artistic bone in my body. On one uneventful day I decided to buy my first camera and I’ve held it close to me ever since.


All images courtesy of Mark Harless, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his:  Website  |  Facebook   |  Instagram

Additional credits:  Moon and Molly Strohl


Mark Harless-Photography-molly-strohl-bleeblu-84695


Mark Harless-Photography-molly-strohl-bleeblu-45696


Mark Harless-Photography-molly-strohl-bleeblu-42156


Mark Harless-Photography-molly-strohl-bleeblu-54269


Mark Harless-Photography-molly-strohl-bleeblu-93251


Mark Harless-Photography-molly-strohl-bleeblu-84569


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