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Floral and tree landscape paintings by Henrik Simonsen — A beautiful, nature-inspired artwork!

Danish artist Henrik Simonsen, currently based-in UK, draws with graphite on canvas and applies oil painting, creating elegant floral and tree landscapes in amazingly rich, bright colors. His artwork has been consistent with the natural forms, taking the long tradition of Scandinavian artists, like himself, to take inspiration from the magical beauty of nature. Although his finished work is considered a painting, it’s the “drawing” as his principal medium that gives shapes and forms of the artwork.

Enjoy this beautiful, nature-inspired paintings!


henrik simonsen - paintings - 543692


“My work has had nature as a central theme for years. There is a lesson to learn from how nature is able to vary simple forms infinite. It might sound clichéd to say that nature is your source of inspiration but I can’t change that. I think this is where my Scandinavian background becomes evident. Scandinavia has a long tradition for art, design and architecture inspired by natural forms. For me personally the draw of the subject matter is its inexhaustible richness and metaphorical ability to speak of human existence. Of life, passion and the brevity of existence.”

~ Henrik Simonsen


All images courtesy of Henrik Simonsen, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his:  Website  |  Facebook 


henrik simonsen - paintings - 458245


henrik simonsen - paintings 54278


henrik simonsen - paintings - 84352


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henrik simonsen - paintings - 542395


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