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Fruits & Vegetables ‘Fresh Faces’ by Emily Dryden & Zahydé Pietri — a whimsical yet beautiful sculpture and photography series

Brooklyn based photographer Emily Dryden and sculptor & actress Zahydé Pietri collaborated on this beautiful sculptural portrait series titled Fresh Faces. The duo have creatively morphed the assemblage of fruits, vegetables and botanical plants into whimsical yet gorgeous and adorable face sculptures. Each portrait featured below has a unique persona (and a name, too!  :) )  —  bursting with crisp colors, artistic shapes and designs, and lovable facial expression. Please scroll down and explore the combined arts of sculpture and photography, inspired by the beauty of nature.

Enjoy this award winning artwork — 2nd place in the International Photography Awards in the category of Advertising, Food.



Emily Dryden_Zahydé Pietri - Fresh-Faces_Fruits-Vegetable_Gilbert



“Fresh Faces is a collaboration between Brooklyn based photographer Emily Dryden and sculptor and actress Zahydé Pietri. Inspired by the diversity of color and shape in nature, we created a cast of vibrant characters to reflect our observations. We sought to create unique personas for each piece by using fresh fruit, vegetables and botanicals. The series combines sculpture and photography to highlight and preserve their charm while still in their prime. Fresh Faces hopes to promote both cultural and agricultural diversity.”

~  Emily Dryden and Zahydé Pietri



All images courtesy of Emily Dryden and Zahydé Pietri, and are published with permission.

For more info, please visit Emily Dryden’s  Website  |  Facebook

 Zahydé Pietri – Facebook



Emily Dryden_Zahydé Pietri - Fresh-Faces_Fruits-Vegetable_Eva



Emily Dryden_Zahydé Pietri - Fresh-Faces_Fruits-Vegetable_Sylvia



Emily Dryden_Zahydé Pietri - Fresh-Faces_Fruits-Vegetable_Albert



Emily Dryden_Zahydé Pietri - Fresh-Faces_Fruits-Vegetable_Zelda



Emily Dryden_Zahydé Pietri - Fresh-Faces_Fruits-Vegetable_Horace



Emily Dryden_Zahydé Pietri - Fresh-Faces_Fruits-Vegetable_Lola



Emily Dryden_Zahydé Pietri - Fresh-Faces_Fruits-Vegetable_Monroe



Emily Dryden_Zahydé Pietri - Fresh-Faces_Fruits-Vegetable_Phil



Emily Dryden_Zahydé Pietri - Fresh-Faces_Fruits-Vegetable_Stephen




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