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Google Acquires Boston Dynamics, a robotic company

For the past six months, Google has been buying robotic companies.  The latest in its portfolio is the Boston Dynamics.

Boston Dynamics has been developing robots that mimic the movement of humans and animals.  On its Youtube channel, you can browse amazing robotic videos such as Wildcat, Cheetah, Petman, BigDog, etc.



Petman - Boston Dynamics / via Youtube (print screen)
Petman – Boston Dynamics / via Youtube (print screen)


Now having Google on its back with tons of money, God knows what Boston Dynamics could develop in the future.  We can only hope it’s for the comfort and well-being of humanity.  But we cannot disregard the wild notion of turning this technology into “Skynet” with its robotic soldiers.

Okay, okay, the Skynet is just a sci-fi from Terminator movie.

But the thing is —  today’s sci-fi could be a real science in the future.


Here’s the Youtube video of Boston Dynamics’ PETMAN Robot.

Don’t worry folks, it’s just a Pet.  🙂







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