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Julie Alice Chappell: Insect & Bug sculptures — computer parts turned into elegant robotic creatures

Artist Julie Alice Chappell of Portsmouth, UK collects discarded components of computers and video game consoles, and transforms them into elegant insect and bug sculptures. These robotic creatures in colorful, artistic assemblage, featured below, are sophistically crafted with great attention to details. The artist has not only morphed the “environmentally dangerous materials” into something with aesthetic value, but further the discussion to preserve the natural landscape.

Enjoy this amazing artwork!


Julie Alice Chappell - insects-butterfly-sculpture-7962


There is a meeting of art and science in my work and as an artist I can only hope that my artwork can be seen as a reminder that the environment is precious and in danger. Science reveals to us a universe in which we are a part and not the whole. Biodiversity includes the human race and our existence depends on it, as all life on this planet has evolved from one point and all life is inextricably bound together.

~ Julie Alice Chappell


 All images courtesy of Julie Alice Chappell, and are published with permission.

To see more of her work, please visit her:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Etsy

via:  Colossal


Julie Alice Chappell - insects-butterfly-sculpture-nintendo


Julie Alice Chappell - insects-butterfly-sculpture-7458


Julie Alice Chappell - insects-butterfly-sculpture-7410


Julie Alice Chappell - insects-butterfly-sculpture-7114


Julie Alice Chappell - insects-butterfly-sculpture-7489


Julie Alice Chappell - insects-butterfly-sculpture-4552


Julie Alice Chappell - insects-butterfly-sculpture-1532


Julie Alice Chappell - insects-butterfly-sculpture-1586


Julie Alice Chappell - insects-butterfly-sculpture-7169


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