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Keith More and his amazing hyperrealistic pencil drawings — could easily be mistaken as black and white photos

UK based artist Keith More will surely excite your imagination with his amazing pencil drawings. Yep, his incredibly hyper-realistic portraits of men, women and children will blow your mind away. Please scroll down and see his work for yourself. At a glance, you would certainly think the pieces are black and white photos. But nope… they’re handcrafted by an artist with beautiful and meticulous mind, who is very keen on fine details.



Keith More hyperrealistic drawings_patiently


After a lifetime in the music industry I’m now looking to fully enjoy my passion for hyperrealism.
I absolutely love drawing with pencils and have done as far back as I can remember. Hyperrealisim, Photorealisim, realistic or whichever label is awarded, as far as I’m concerned it’s just about getting the piece as good as I possibly can, grabbing you’re attention, and creating something I can be truly proud of. It takes a huge amount of patience, meticulous attention to detail and the ability to take care of the tiny details whilst keeping your mind on the big picture, to produce one of these artworks.

~ Keith More


 All images courtesy of Keith More, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his:  Facebook  |  DeviantArt  |  Flickr


Keith More hyperrealistic drawings_displaced


Keith More hyperrealistic drawings_JD Ice


Keith More hyperrealistic drawings_Cameron


Keith More hyperrealistic drawings_Read this


Keith More hyperrealistic drawings_Papa's black eye


Keith More hyperrealistic drawings_Lived in


Keith More hyperrealistic drawings_boo


Keith More hyperrealistic drawings_Hubabubbledub


Keith More hyperrealistic drawings_Ice bucket



I Am Simply Flowing with the River of Life.
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