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Large-scale charcoal drawings by Anouk Griffioen

Anouk Griffioen, an artist based-in Rotterdam, Netherlands, created large-scale charcoal drawings with faceless human subjects in the midst of lush vegetation landscapes. The drawings seem to convey some kind of inexplicable mystical elements, cloaked in surreal imagery. Perhaps, the coalescence of human and nature in an unusual, mysterious setting could provide a glimpse of mysticism. Whatever it is, I’ll leave it to you to ponder. Enjoy!


Anouk Griffioen - Charcoal Drawings - 9-45236


Griffioen has done numerous solo and group exhibitions in several countries. For her upcoming exhibitions, she will be joining a group show titled “Hunting” at Flatland Gallery in Amsterdam on October 25 through December 18, and at Karin Janssen Project Space in London November 6 through 23 for “Chinese Whispers” show. She will have a solo exhibition in 2016 at Stedelijk Museum Zwolle.

On her website ‘About’ section, it states:

“When we enter a room of artworks by Anouk Griffioen we find ourselves surrounded by colossal people, hybrid beings and shadows. The auras of these works can be frightening, strange and confusing, but they also arouse the viewer’s curiosity about the inner beings inside her creations. Her lifelike method of depiction lends them great expressivity.”


All images courtesy of Anouk Griffioen, and are published with permission.

For more info, please visit her:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Behance

via: Hi-Fructose

Anouk Griffioen - Charcoal Drawings - 9-845869


Anouk Griffioen - Charcoal Drawings - 9-498536


Anouk Griffioen - Charcoal Drawings - 9-758469


Anouk Griffioen - Charcoal Drawings - 9-854625


Anouk Griffioen - Charcoal Drawings - 78569852


Anouk Griffioen - Charcoal Drawings - 9-4582569


Anouk Griffioen - Charcoal Drawings - 9-256863


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