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Melancholic Paintings by Julio Reyes — a beautiful depiction of sadness and sorrow of Life

Artist Julio Reyes can fully relate to the plight of immigrant families, in which he grew up, in their quest for greener pastures in the U.S. as it shows on his paintings. The series of selected portraits, featured below, exudes melancholic emotions, and greatly enhanced by the drab and depressing environment. He has beautifully captured the narratives that go beyond the physical appearance, showing us a glimpse of what lies deep within the psyche of his subjects — hardship and perseverance, along with the sadness and sorrow in the face of uncertainty. His work is truly captivating, worthy of a thousand words!

Enjoy this beautiful, emotionally charged artwork!


Julio Reyes-Paintings_apparition


“The most meaningful sources of inspiration in my art are the people, places, and things I know best. As a child, my imagination was fueled by family stories of tremendous adversity, sorrow, perseverance, and the incredible deeds of those who journeyed far to become American citizens. I have always been moved by the human capacity to love, dream, and persevere, with great courage and sincerity, in spite of a vast and un-sympathetic Nature. To a cynical art world that may sound silly, but to me it is one of the miracles, and beautiful mysteries of life.”

~ Julio Reyes


All images courtesy of Julio Reyes, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Julio Reyes-Paintings_dominion-small


Julio Reyes-Paintings_ascension_8171


Julio Reyes-Paintings_long-shadows


Julio Reyes-Paintings_the-plea


Julio Reyes-Painting_afterglow_oil-on-copper


Julio Reyes-Paintings_empire


x-Julio Reyes-Paintings_firestarter


Julio Reyes-Paintings_headwinds


Julio Reyes-Paintings_swallows


Julio Reyes-Paintings_dark-waters


Julio Reyes-Paintings_golgatha



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