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The eerily mesmerizing black and white Photography of Nicolas Bouvier.



French art director and concept designer Nicolas Bouvier has been capturing photos full of life moments. On his Flickr Photostream, he has a superb collection of black and white photographs, bursting with moments of melancholy and solitude. Very stunning and mesmerizing!

But the ones that have struck me the most were the photographs with a child in an eerie scenery with deafening silence. The aloneness in a desolate and grimy place was simply heartbreaking. If you have children, you know what I mean.

I don’t know what else to say.  I think I will have the photos speak for themselvesI’m sure, each one is worth a thousand words.

I just want to say one thing though. Nicolas Bouvier is a brilliant and talented artist.  His depiction of “sadness and sorrow of Life” in black and white photography is insanely beautiful and natural.


Anyway, enjoy the photos below.


All images courtesy of Nicolas Bouvier, and are published with permission.

To see more of his photography, please visit his Flickr Photostream.

He’s currently living in Seattle and works at 343 Industries as the Art Director of the video game Halo.  

Websites:  |


Nicolas Bouvier - 953144-1000



Nicolas Bouvier - 8695474-1200



Nicolas Bouvier - 985465



Nicolas Bouvier - 986142



Nicolas Bouvier - Orca Forest-1600



Nicolas Bouvier - 68454152



Nicolas Bouvier - 57854155


Nicolas Bouvier - 55785154



Nicolas Bouvier - 9586542-1000



Nicolas Bouvier - 7457655



Nicolas Bouvier - 6547852



Nicolas Bouvier - 4475844



Nicolas Bouvier - 4122452



Nicolas Bouvier - 1244453



Nicolas Bouvier - 9621556



Nicolas Bouvier - 986241



Nicolas Bouvier - 8575555



Nicolas Bouvier - 847565-1200



Nicolas Bouvier - 9864-1200



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