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Michael and April Wolber rushed their wedding due to Wildfire, but ended up with amazing photos.


Oregon couple Michael Wolber and April Hartley had their outdoor wedding in a perfect natural setting, complete with gorgeous landscape, tall trees and water, at Rock Springs Ranch in Oregon.  But when the ceremony was about to begin, the firefighters with their trucks showed up and warned them of the fast approaching wildfire. So they had no choice but to rush through the wedding, ruining the best moments of a lifetime. Blame it to the raging fire!

But wait… the photographer, Josh Newton, had an insanely creative idea. Why not turn the worst into something wonderful.  Yeah, why not use the raging fire as a background and capture the best wedding moments of a lifetime. And he did…The results were amazing and mind-blowing wedding photographs!


All images courtesy of April and Michael Wolber, and photographer Josh Newton.

If you are planning a wedding and wish to have the best photographs, please visit Josh Newton Photography at:

(Photos are published with permission from Josh Newton)


The Wedding goes on… Rain or Shine… or FIRE!

Michael-April-Wolber-Wedding   315463


Michael-April-Wolber-Wedding   1987400


Hurry now… the Raging Fire is fast approaching!

Michael-April-Wolber-Wedding   442225-B


Best wedding photos… no photoshop / no studio background

Michael-April-Wolber-Wedding   4584596


Michael-April-Wolber-Wedding   3665355


Michael-April-Wolber-Wedding   5697545


Michael-April-Wolber-Wedding   2546955


Forget the kissing scene in the movie “Pompeii” with erupting volcano in the background. 

This one is a real deal…. Amazing!!!

Michael-April-Wolber-Wedding   65845778

(H/T – BuzzFeed)


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