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Pencil Lead Sculptures by Salavat Fidai — beautifully carved with meticulous details

Armed with X-ACTO knife, Russian artist Salavat Fidai creates delicate and beautiful pencil lead sculptures. The details as shown on the pieces below are extraordinary considering he’s working with small sculptural element that could easily break. Fortunately, the artist has patience and incredible skills to meticulously carve these miniature sculptures. Amazing Artwork!

Enjoy these sculptures featuring famous TV characters, buildings, and more.

Salavat Fidai-pencil-sculpture-axd145


All images courtesy of Salavat Fidai, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his:  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Etsy

 via: Colossal


Salavat Fidai-pencil-sculpture-adc412

Salavat Fidai-pencil-sculpture-asw483


Salavat Fidai-pencil-sculpture-aqw475


Salavat Fidai-pencil-sculpture-afr472


Salavat Fidai-pencil-sculpture-aed367


Salavat Fidai-pencil-sculpture-4269wsd


Salavat Fidai-pencil-sculpture-483aki


Salavat Fidai-pencil-sculpture-441daw


Salavat Fidai-pencil-sculpture-415wsd


Salavat Fidai-pencil-sculpture-147frt




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