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A surreal digital artwork by Lee Griggs — mesmerizing, colorful landscapes

Lee Griggs, a Madrid-based artist, has an astounding imagination, enhanced by 3D software Maya Xgen and Arnold. His series of amazing digital renderings depict an aerial topography of seemingly a foreign planet from nowhere. The surreal, colorful landscapes featured below in various contours, shapes and patterns are quite mesmerizing. As you get down closer, you’ll see innumerable cubes, spheres and cylinders, clustered together forming like a strange yet beautiful city…  Or perhaps, an illustration of microbes, minerals or whatever you can imagine. Extraordinary!

Enjoy these gorgeous digital abstract renderings!


Lee Griggs-Digital Art-XGen_0df7159


All images courtesy of Lee Griggs, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his:  Website  |  Behance |  Blog


Lee Griggs-Digital Art-XGen_a6372b


Lee Griggs-Digital Art-XGen_2b5606


Lee Griggs-Digital Art-XGen_bdd903a


Lee Griggs-Digital Art-XGen_6f8a8e88


Lee Griggs-Digital Art-XGen_03ec208


Lee Griggs-Digital Art-XGen_841b91


Lee Griggs-Digital Art-XGen_ebd984


Lee Griggs-Digital Art-XGen_700f8b


Lee Griggs-Digital Art-XGen_f1d76e7




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