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Photographer Whitney Justesen Captures her Melancholy Subjects — gracefully embraced by the beauty of nature

California based photographer Whitney Justesen loves to explore the world, capturing wondrous moments and memories against the backdrop of majestic sceneries and landscapes. In her adventurous journeys, she creates portraits of gorgeous women in melancholy fashion, seemingly lost in the graceful embrace of the beauty of nature. Featured below are some of her amazing photographs bursting with surreal narratives and exotic elegance, set in the midst of deafening silence and isolation. Simply put… Wow!!!



Whitney Justesen-Photography_alo024



Artist Statement:

I’m an adventure and lifestyle photographer from northern California, with my BFA in Photography. My passion has always been capturing the world in a new light, documenting memories that will last a lifetime, and sharing my enthusiasm for life as I go.

My second love, in addition to photography, is traveling and I take my camera with me wherever I go. In the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to incorporate travel into my business more than ever before, and I hope to make that a trend for years to come. I spend more time on the road than at home these days, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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All images courtesy of Whitney Justesen, and are published with permission.

To see more of her work, please visit her:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Vimeo


Whitney Justesen-Photography_234fdt


Whitney Justesen-Photography_wsr725


Whitney Justesen-Photography_TurnedToAsh


Whitney Justesen-Photography_syh916


Whitney Justesen-Photography_erter458


Whitney Justesen-Photography_584ges


Whitney Justesen-Photography_qzr629


Whitney Justesen-Photography_edr523


Whitney Justesen-Photography_eft487


Whitney Justesen-Photography_ytg239




I Am Simply Flowing with the River of Life.
I Take What Comes and Let Go What Goes.

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