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Yoshimitsu Umekawa’s Photography of Billowing Clouds — apocalyptic yet artistically beautiful

Inspired by his own experiences, Japanese artist Yoshimitsu Umekawa (born 1976, Tokyo) creates a photography series titled Incarnations, in which he tries to “convert some problems happening on a daily basis including social problem that I feel in Japan into something you can see,” as he explained via email. The series appears to me to depict the billowing clouds in apocalyptic fury, yet artistically rendered with beautiful undulating waves of various colors. He says each piece as featured below “has a character, good or evil, which may change” according to the eyes of the beholder. This seems also to illustrate his hope that his creative artwork, echoing the past tragic events in his country, could somehow inspire harmonious coexistence of good and evil.

“The reason why I chose the series is because I feel strongly that my inspiration, based on my spiritual experience, sympathized with the ‘murky’ elements of Japan.” ~ Yoshimitsu Umekawa


 Incarnations #025 (Deep Ones), 2013

Yoshimitsu Umekawa-Photography_1-1559



All images courtesy of Yoshimitsu Umekawa, and are published with permission.

For more info, please visit his:   Website  |   Facebook  |  Instagram



 Incarnations #024 (Hydra), 2013

Yoshimitsu Umekawa-Photography_2-9933


Incarnations #023 (Hunting horrors), 2013

Yoshimitsu Umekawa-Photography_3-8844


Incarnations #021 (Old Ones), 2013

Yoshimitsu Umekawa-Photography_4-1198


Incarnations #018 (Spawn of the Green Abyss), 2013

Yoshimitsu Umekawa-Photography_5-7415


Incarnations #017 (Tcho-Tchos), 2013

Yoshimitsu Umekawa-Photography_6-4752


Incarnations #004 (Yuki Otoko), 2012

Yoshimitsu Umekawa-Photography_7-4960


Incarnations #019 (Forgotten Onece), 2013

Yoshimitsu Umekawa-Photography_8-1212


Incarnations #001 (Necronomicon), 2012

Yoshimitsu Umekawa-Photography_9-1002


Incarnations #009 (Paradigm), 2012

Yoshimitsu Umekawa-Photography_10-5588





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