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Sirens: a painting series & a book by Mark Heine — capturing the haunting beauty and grace of the sirens

Canadian artist Mark Heine explores the mythical underwater world in his artwork titled Sirens, a painting series and a book. Each featured painting below is incredibly rendered, capturing the haunting beauty and grace of the sirens frolicking just below the water surface. ‘Sirens’ is a fictional narrative inspired by sea-nymphs, the beautiful female spirits of sea waters. Heine believes sirens have anthropomorphic qualities that could bridge the gap between the natural world and the nature of mankind. He says, “Their unique characteristic, the Siren’s song, is the conduit for communication between life on land and life at sea.”

Please scroll down and enjoy this gorgeous work of art.


Mark Heine-Painting-Sirens_1464782


Artist Biography:

In 1961, Mark Heine was born into a family that was always driven by the creative. His father and mother were both applied artists and designers, operating a massive warehouse studio in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The making of art on a grand scale was around every corner. Mark’s childhood was spent wandering through the studio, absorbing the progress and process of the monumental projects underway. It was art by the ton, measured in yards, not inches, and worked in all matter of media … plaster, resin, concrete, fibreglass, wood, stained glass, tapestry – and, of course, paint. It’s what all the family did and does to this day … art.

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 All images courtesy of Mark Heine, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Youtube


Mark Heine-Painting-Sirens_620943_orig


Mark Heine Paintings Sirens_2431805_orig


Mark Heine-Painting-Sirens_318495_orig


Mark Heine-Painting-Sirens_5086939_orig


Mark Heine-Painting-Sirens_6118339_orig


Mark Heine-Painting-Sirens_3778161_orig


Mark Heine Paintings Sirens_4807015


Mark Heine-Painting-Sirens_1496833_orig


Mark Heine Paintings Sirens_925088_orig




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