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Snowflake is a Wonder of Nature. Watch the birth of snowflakes in microscopic time-lapse.


I grew up in the Philippines, a tropical country in Asia. So when I  first indulged myself, at 30-year old, in the falling snow in Denver Colorado, I was so extremely amazed and overwhelmed with joy. I felt my inner child rejoicing with countless of tiny white droplets falling on me.

Moments later, I wondered what’s with the falling snow. How come it could bestow so much happiness to me? I thought, perhaps it’s the thing we called “first time” experience. I simply accepted that notion.


snowtime from Иванов Вячеслав on Vimeo.


Some years later, I witnessed the same happiness replicated on the faces of my wife and kids when we went to Big Bear in California for snow escapades. Again, I thought, it’s just a “first time” thingy for our kids. But I had no idea why my wife and I were still mesmerized with the falling snow.

Then fast forward, today. After I joined Vimeo, I somehow stumbled upon the video entitled “snowtime” in microscopic time-lapse. And once again, I was struck with inner joy. This time, it’s not due to falling snow but the intricate inner workings of snowflakes.

Snowflake is not merely a white falling frozen-water-droplet. It is a wonder of nature.

Now I know why…



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