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20 Complete Strangers to Kiss for the First Time. Watch the video directed by Tatia Pilieva.


The first kiss with your boyfriend or girlfriend is always a magical moment  —  very sensual with intense emotion from start to finish, no matter how it’s done. But what about kissing a stranger for the first time?

Well, a film directed by Tatia Pilieva says it all — awkward, weird, scary… then cute, sweet, beautiful, hot and sexy.





Pilieva asked 20 strangers to kiss for the first time. In the beginning, the couples were hesitant and didn’t know when or how to start. As if they were given a task of something they have not done in a million years. 🙂

But when they finally started, the kissing scene gradually morphed into something magical. It seems they totally forgot that they were strangers, and were lost in the cloud nine of blissful ecstasy.

I guess what happened was — The hesitant thought who struggled to fit in was taken over by the blind yet powerful emotion.

And the result —  a pretty amazing moment!

From this:

First Time Kissing Strangers


To This:

First Time Kissing Strangers




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