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Artist S. Elayaraja creates paintings featuring the beauty and culture of India

Indian artist S. Elayaraja invites you to explore the beauty of India — it’s people and culture. The selected paintings below feature gorgeous Indian women wearing traditional clothing and occupied with household chores. He beautifully painted their bright, colorful saris in perfect contrast with the drab, unfinished walls. The whole scene itself is brilliantly composed with delicate details, capturing the narratives of simple daily life and the women’s beauty, innocence and contentment.  Simply… Beautiful!

Please scroll down and enjoy this photo-realistic artwork!


S. ELAYARAJA Paintings 356


Artist Statement:

Reminiscent of an era gone S. Elayaraja has breathed life into the faces and lives of uncaptured people … the common crowd in everyday moments of life. Exquisite innocent expressions with delicate play of light and fine details will captivate you with its like realism. A reflection of his thoughts each painting reaches out to you with the naive eyes of its subjects engrossed in their own little world of regular work.

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 All images courtesy of S. Elayaraja, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his:  Website  |  Facebook 



S. ELAYARAJA Paintings 634


S. ELAYARAJA Paintings 123


S. ELAYARAJA Paintings 234


S. ELAYARAJA Paintings 456


S. ELAYARAJA Paintings 812


S. ELAYARAJA Paintings 945


S. ELAYARAJA Paintings 1354


S. ELAYARAJA Paintings 1034


S. ELAYARAJA Paintings 1456


S. ELAYARAJA Paintings 9999



I Am Simply Flowing with the River of Life.
I Take What Comes and Let Go What Goes.

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