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Listen: a Painting / Illustration Series by Brent Schreiber — stunningly rendered in almost photo-realistic fashion

Canadian artist Brent Schreiber has ongoing series titled Listen.  It is a combo of painting and illustration portraits, amazingly rendered in almost photo-realistic fashion. Each portrait shows a person wearing or listening to a headphone with inscription, God. This seems to suggest that his subjects are listening to spiritual message or music. Or perhaps, they’re listening to God, having their eyes looking upward  or shut close in solemn meditation. Whatever it is, I’ll leave it for you to ponder.

One thing I would say, though, is that the featured pieces below exude some kind of spiritual vibes, along with beauty, peace and serenity.



Brent Schreiber Paintings Drawings_Listen_896521



Artist Bio:

Brent Schreiber is an Artist/Illustrator located in Elmira, Ontario Canada. His personal work focuses on realist portrait and figurative paintings combining illustrative influences and narrative themes.

Professionally, Brent focuses on commissioned portraits and other subject matter as well as Commercial Illustration. Brent’s illustration work includes promotional material, book covers, interiors and advertising in the science fiction, fantasy, and romance/adult genres.

His work is held in both Private and Public Collections in the United States, Australia and Canada.


All images courtesy of Brent Schreiber, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his:  Website  |  Facebook  |  DeviantArt

Or Contact him directly:  Phone: 519.669.4594 • Email: [email protected]



Brent Schreiber Paintings Drawings_Listen_584369


Brent Schreiber Paintings Drawings_Listen_518693


Brent Schreiber Paintings Drawings_Listen_472636


Brent Schreiber Paintings Drawings_Listen_147825


Brent Schreiber Paintings Drawings_Listen_174823


Brent Schreiber Paintings Drawings_Listen_845263


Brent Schreiber Paintings Drawings_Listen_847362


Brent Schreiber Paintings Drawings_Listen_458369


Brent Schreiber Paintings Drawings_Listen_154485




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