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Strange ceramic tableware sculptures by Ronit Baranga — fascinating, sensual and nicely done!

Israeli sculptor Ronit Baranga creates incredibly strange ceramic tablewares with realistic fingers, lips, teeth and mouth ready to gobble up your delicious food. The sculpture series, incorporating the body parts particularly the mouth, portrays the metaphoric representation of the way we process food using our mouth as the gateway from outside to inside. As Ronit says beautifully, “I chose to deal with ‘mouth’ as a metaphoric connotation to a border gate. A border between the inner body and the external environment surrounding it.”

Whatever the artwork represents, I would say —  it is fascinating, sensual and nicely done!



Ronit Baranga-ceramic-sculpture-74169


Artist Statement:

The use of fingers and mouths in my work is full of intent and meaning. The fingers and the mouth are very sensual organs in the human body and are therefore very powerful as separated items from it. The “seamless” combination of these organs in plates or cups, appearing as one, creates, in my opinion, new items that “feel” their environment and respond to it.


All images courtesy of Ronit Baranga, and are published with permission.

To see more of her work, please visit her:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Ronit Baranga-ceramic-sculpture-TheFeast


Ronit Baranga-ceramic-sculpture-45263


Ronit Baranga-ceramic-sculpture-15963


Ronit Baranga-ceramic-sculpture-45323


Ronit Baranga-ceramic-sculpture-self feeding


Ronit Baranga-ceramic-sculpture-84596


Ronit Baranga-ceramic-sculpture-running bowls


Ronit Baranga-ceramic-sculpture-HybridTeaSet


Ronit Baranga-ceramic-sculpture-crowd



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