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The surreal animal & plant sculptures of Ellen Jewett — beautifully composed in complex details

Canadian artist Ellen Jewett creates sculptures composed of various small elements from animals, plants and objects, beautifully blended together in surreal fashion. The sculptural composition is a tedious and complex process that requires appreciation and understanding of nature. Thankfully, Ellen was raised in the natural environment “among newts and snails,” and has a degree in Anthropology and Fine Art.

Please scroll down and enjoy this fascinating artwork!


Ellen Jewett animal plant sculpture 7741


Artist Statement:

Plants and animals have always been the surface on which humans have etched the foundations of culture, sustenance, and identity. For myself, natural forms are a continual source of fascination and deep aesthetic pleasure. At first glance my work explores the more modern prosaic concept of nature: a source of serene nostalgia balanced with the more visceral experience of ‘wildness’ as remarkably alien and indifferent. Upon closer inspection of each ‘creature’ the viewer may discover a frieze on which themes as familiar as domestication and as abrasive as domination fall into sharp relief. These qualities are not only present in the final work but are fleshed out in the process of building. Each sculpture is constructed using an additive technique, layered from inside to out by an accumulation of innumerable tiny components. Many of these components are microcosmic representations of plants, animals and objects. Some are beautiful, some are grotesque and, some are fantastical. The singularity of each sculpture is the sum total of its small narrative structures.  Read More…



All images courtesy of Ellen Jewett, and are published with permission.

To see more of her work, please visit her:  Website  |   Facebook  |  DeviantArt

via: Colossal


Ellen Jewett animal plant sculpture 7964


Ellen Jewett animal plant sculpture 2345


Ellen Jewett animal plant sculpture 7777


Ellen Jewett animal plant sculpture 7856


Ellen Jewett animal plant sculpture 772


Ellen Jewett animal plant sculpture 7496


Ellen Jewett animal plant sculpture 2785



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