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Beautiful, Whimsical Paintings by Eric Roux-Fontaine — colorful forest dreamscape coupled with barren lunarscape

Welcome to the fantasy world of French artist Eric Roux-Fontaine  — a magical place with lush, colorful forest dreamscape as depicted in his beautiful, whimsical paintings. In the midst of this fascinating forest, you’ll be surprised to see a pool, a glass house and even a Ferris wheel, not to mention a flying man. However, on the other side of his wonderful mind, I mean world, you’ll be transported to a dark, desolate and barren lunarscape. But don’t worry, you’ll have fun. A flying boat, plenty of natural swimming pools and a piano will do the trick.   :)

Please scroll down and enjoy this very creative and imaginative artwork!


Eric Roux-Fontaine Paintings-Voodoo-swamps



At no time am I trying to depict a place in a literal way, because I think we paint with our culture as much as with our nature! And the memory, or the feeling we keep of a place or a scene, is sometimes more interesting than the “raw” reality. People depicted in paintings are more like actors. They appear in a scene then, it is up to everyone to put together the movie! I think that we do not paint a man, but the interpretation of this man. One shouldn’t try to control the execution too much because mistakes often end up as new solutions that one couldn’t foresee in the beginning!

~ Eric Roux-Fontaine

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 All images courtesy of Eric Roux-Fontaine, and are published with permission.

For more info, please visit his:   Website 



Eric Roux-Fontaine Paintings-le-jardin-premier


Eric Roux-Fontaine Paintings-Another-country


Eric Roux-Fontaine Paintings-The glass house


Eric Roux-Fontaine Paintings-Wonderful-world


Eric Roux-Fontaine Paintings-Neverlandscape


Eric Roux-Fontaine Paintings_An-ordinary-man


Eric Roux-Fontaine Paintings-La-grande-maree


Eric Roux-Fontaine Paintings--Bain-de-minuit


Eric Roux-Fontaine Paintings-12548


Eric Roux-Fontaine Paintings-La-note-bleu




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