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The Whimsical Portraits of 70-Year Old Kids by Zachary Scott

New York Times Magazine has recently commissioned Zachary Scott, a Los Angeles-based photographer of Sharpe & Associates, to transform Kids into little Grandmas and Grandpas at about 70 years old. The magazine featured the whimsical portraits with a title “What if Age Is Nothing but a Mind-Set?” The article is about the research in the field of reverse aging, and the title says it all.  As the wise man once said, “It’s All In The Mind.”  And so is your age!

Enjoy these adorable Elderly Kids envisioned and captured by the photographer and his team.


Zachary Scott - Old Kids 469585


Artist’s Statement:

“Northern CA native. Grew up playing in the redwoods and surfing. Attended UCSD for two years before deciding to pursue a photography degree at Art Center College of Design. Completed his first national ad assignment the week after graduation. Moved to NY for 4 years to work before returning to CA in 2007. Now resides with his wife, three kids and dog in San Luis Obispo, CA. Picked up a multitude of industry awards along the way, as well as profiles in Communication Arts and Print Magazine. Uses a boat to access remote surf locations, because “if it’s got a parking lot in front of it, it’s not a surf spot!””


All images courtesy of Zachary Scott, and are published with permission.

Scott is one of the artists at Sharpe & Associates.  To see more of his work, please click here to visit his page.

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Additional credit:  Amy Dresser and Electric Art for retouching


Zachary Scott - Old Kids 368521


Zachary Scott - Old Kids 369856


Zachary Scott - Old Kids 468531


Zachary Scott - Old Kids 369451


Zachary Scott - Old Kids 568366


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