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The Amazing and Mesmerizing Portraits by Bear Kirkpatrick

Bear Kirkpatrick, a New Hampshire based artist, has an incredible creative talent and imagination. His wall portraits featured here are amazingly extraordinary, beautifully rendered to the finest details. Each piece is complex, rich and multi-faceted, worthy of a thousand words. Indeed, Bear is a true fine art artist.

Please scroll down slowly and enjoy the mesmerizing artwork. Let yourself get immersed in its primal beauty… and be lost… forever!   🙂


Bear Kirkpatrick Photography-Nicole_After-the-Master-of-St_Veronica©Bear Kirkpatrick,  Nicole: After the Master of St Veronica


Artist Statement:

Bear Kirkpatrick defines his imagery as evidence, documents of past and present human psychological states. He is presently working to develop a model to prove that acquired characteristics are not only inheritable as a result of natural selection and artificial selection, but also as the result of psychological selection as created by the environmental pressure of human memory.

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All images courtesy of Bear Kirkpatrick and jdc Fine Art, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his:  Website  |  Facebook 

Bear Kirkpatrick-jessica©Bear Kirkpatrick,  Jessica


Bear Kirkpatrick Photography-Taryn©Bear Kirkpatrick,  Taryn


Bear Kirkpatrick-Leigh-Mockingbird Nest©Bear Kirkpatrick,  Leigh: Mockingbird Nest


Bear Kirkpatrick Photography-Nikole_Adoration-of-the-Mystic-Lamb©Bear Kirkpatrick,  Nikole: Adoration of the Mystic Lamb


Bear Kirkpatrick-Carole©Bear Kirkpatrick,  Carole


Bear Kirkpatrick Photography-Silvea_Still-Life©Bear Kirkpatrick,  Silvea: Still Life


Bear Kirkpatrick Photography-Shoney_The-Fall-of-Man©Bear Kirkpatrick,  Shoney: The Fall of Man


Bear Kirkpatrick Photography-Kathryn-Burgoynes-Surrender©Bear Kirkpatrick,  Kathryn: Burgoyne’s Surrender


Bear Kirkpatrick Photography-Isabella-The-Coronation-of-Queen-Wilhelmina©Bear Kirkpatrick,  Isabella: The Coronation of Queen Wilhelmina


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