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Dirk Dzimirsky: Hyper-realistic pencil drawings & oil paintings

German artist Dirk Dzimirsky creates hyper-realistic portraits both in graphite drawings and oil paintings. On each portrait, he puts an extraordinary attention to details, making it so strikingly resembling a photographic image. He said he works fast on larger, unimportant areas, then slows down on parts that need attention — The delicate parts that capture the expression and the inner self of his subject. Truly, his work is insanely amazing!

Enjoy these stunning drawings and paintings. Guaranteed, you’ll be amazed!


Dirk Dzimirsky-Paintings- Drawings-dejavu


Artist Statement:

Dirk Dzimirsky (b. 1969) is a german artist best known for his hyperrealistic drawings and paintings depicting human beings in a somewhat dark artistic mood, relentlessly revealing the vulnerability and tragedy of their condition. The artworks are based on a selection of photos. All the complex details and surreal, overreaching compositions of light and shadow intend to create a dramatic feeling and intense emotions for the viewers.

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All images courtesy of Dirk Dzimirsky, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his:  Website  |  Facebook 

Dirk Dzimirsky-Paintings- Drawings-Unused Truth


Dirk Dzimirsky-Paintings- Drawings-Drawn Face detail


Dirk Dzimirsky-Paintings- Drawings-audition


Dirk Dzimirsky-Paintings- Drawings-Breath


Dirk Dzimirsky-Paintings- Drawings-drifting


Dirk Dzimirsky-Paintings- Drawings-Amalgam


Dirk Dzimirsky-Paintings- Drawings-Waiting


Dirk Dzimirsky-Paintings- Drawings-The Sofa


Dirk Dzimirsky-Paintings- Drawings-Pleasure Park


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