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William Kass and his Fantasy Food World with Tiny People.


Brazilian Artist William Kass created a whole new world — a fantasy world of food with tiny people living in the fullness of life.  Very creative and imaginative!

Kass, a graduate of Architecture and Urbanism, has been working on a project titled “Minimize” where he uses real objects and food to create a community of toy people.  It’s like a “Toy Story” movie, but in photography. Nevertheless, the series of photos convey life stories and moments.

Although the artist’s “Minimize-Objects” is great, I’m most fascinated with “Minimize-Food” —  a wondrous world of food made of fruits, vegetables, pasta, chips, chocolate, shrimps and more. The fantasy world is simply amazing. And no doubt, the tiny people are having fun.


Why don’t you scroll down and enjoy the photos.  Just don’t envy the little ones, okay…  🙂


All images courtesy of William Kass, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work or purchase prints, please visit: 

William Kass Photography  |  Facebook  |  Society6


William Kass - Jungle


MINIMIZE PROJECT – My “Minimize” Project began in February 2013. I established a visual style, and from there, I began to produce the scenes. The project is an work produced at studio, where I try to study composition, light and shadow, etc. The project is focused on the art market and the advertising market. ~ William Kass


William Kass -Sushi_Fishing_Pier


William Kass - Tomato Time Capsule


William Kass - Top of The Corn


William Kass - Titanic Ice Cream


William Kass - The day the earth stood still


William Kass - Summer Orange


William Kass - Spring break


William Kass - Roller Coaster Pasta


William Kass - Rainforest Broccoli - Waiting for nothing


William Kass - Radioactive Candy Drops


William Kass - Potato building


William Kass - Coco Diving scene


William Kass - Banana Boat


William Kass - Milk Attack


William Kass - Chocolate


William Kass - Chip Potatoes



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