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The Art of Laser-cut Wood by Martin Tomsky. An extraordinary woodwork!

Artist Martin Tomsky, a London-based illustrator, creates amazing laser-cut wood in the most intricate details. Each piece is meticulously cut out of multi-layered wood depicting an illustrated scene. His woodwork is truly an extraordinary artwork!



Martin Tomsky laser cut wood -warm-welcome


Tomsky, who studied at Camberwell College of Arts, has done exhibits around London, and sold artworks all over the world. He also takes commission work to create illustrations for books, music and events. Please check out his Website for more information.


“My personal work and illustrations for children are primarily about creating new worlds, unique characters to inhabit those worlds and to depict stories which bring them to life.”

~ Martin Tomsky


All images courtesy of Martin Tomsky, and are published with permission.

To see more of his work, please visit his:  Website   |  DeviantArt page

You can also check out his online store at Etsy 

(via: Colossal)

Martin Tomsky laser cut wood -warm-welcome - Feature


Martin Tomsky laser cut wood crest


Martin Tomsky laser cut wood guardian


Martin Tomsky laser cut wood triffidw

Martin Tomsky laser cut wood sea serpent


Martin Tomsky laser cut wood - custom_tree_of_life.


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