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Life-sized animal sculptures by Beth Cavener Stichter — in dramatic poses, bursting with raw emotions!

Beth Cavener Stichter, an artist based-in Washington, creates stunning life-sized animal sculptures made out of clay. The sculptures in sentimental moods, featured below, depict the natural cycle of yin and yang: light and dark, love and hate, predator and prey, etc.  You can see one of the dynamics of yin and yang at work in the piece titled Tangled Up in You, where a 19-feet anaconda is about to swallow its prey. Obviously, Stichter understands the natural order of nature — the interconnectivity and interdependence of all things.

Enjoy these gorgeous animal sculptures in dramatic poses, bursting with raw emotions.


Beth Cavener Sculpture-obariyon-1123

 Obariyon, 2013

 Artist Statement:

There are primitive animal instincts lurking in our own depths, waiting for the chance to slide past a conscious moment. The sculptures I create focus on human psychology, stripped of context and rationalization, and articulated through animal and human forms. On the surface, these figures are simply feral and domestic individuals suspended in a moment of tension. Beneath the surface they embody the impacts of aggression, territorial desires, isolation, and pack mentality.  Read More…


All images courtesy of Beth Cavener Stichter, and are published with permission.

To see more of her work, please visit her website:

Additional credit:  Alessandro Gallo, who painted the Japanese tattoos on the snake.

 via: Colossal

Beth Cavener Sculpture-obariyon-1123-details


Beth Cavener Sculpture-Choleric

 The Choleric, 2010

Beth Cavener Sculpture-Choleric-details


Beth Cavener Sculpture- tangled-2365

 Tangled Up in You, 2014. Tattoos designed and painted by Alessandro Gallo.

Beth Cavener Sculpture- tangled-2365-1-details


Beth Cavener Sculpture-question

 The Question That Devours. 2012.

Beth Cavener Sculpture-lamante-3562

 L’Amante. 2012.

Beth Cavener Sculpture-Sanguine-Loneliness

 A Second Kind of Loneliness, 2009

Beth Cavener Sculpture-sentimental

 The Sentimental Question. 2012.


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